Build A Public Speaking As Superhuman PDF Author: Douglas Elkayam
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Public speaking is the act of speaking face to face to a live audience. However, due to the evolution of public speaking, it is modernly viewed as any form of speaking (formally and informally) between an audience and the speaker. Traditionally, public speaking was considered to be a part of the art of persuasion. The act can accomplish particular purposes including to inform, to persuade, and to entertain. Additionally, differing methods, structures, and rules can be utilized according to the speaking situation. For those of you who have yet to obtain any superhuman skills, let's take a look at a few of the chapters created to make you a Super Public Speaker: -Becoming Super at Public Speaking -Building Confidence -Creating Your Image -Vocal Image -The Fear of Public Speaking -Super Stress Reduction -Practice, Practice, Practice -Props -Catching their Attention -How You Say What You Say -Your Voice Enhanced -Ready, Set, Speak -Size Up Your Room -Deliver -Wrapping it All Up