Keto Bread PDF Author: Hamilton Clem
Publisher: Hamilton Clem
Category : Health & Fitness
Languages : en
Pages : 152

Book Description
Are you on the ketogenic diet? Are you missing out on some of your favourite food as a result? Would you love to savour that smell of home-made bread once again? The ketogenic diet has become about as popular a method of losing weight as there has ever been. Cutting down on carbs, or even cutting them out completely, is seen as one of the best ways of reducing body fat there is. But, of course, that comes at a price when we are denied some of the foods we have always loved. Bread is one of those and the number one food that people miss the most, probably because it has featured in our diet for thousands of years and is embedded in our psyche. This book aims to change all that, with chapters that explore: -How to make simple Ketogenic bread -Preparation -The ingredients to use -Different types of breads -Advantages of ketogenic breads -Preparation using a bread machine -Recipes And much more Cutting out the carbs but still enjoying the great aroma and taste of bread is something that those who are on a weight loss plan have wanted for years.Now it is here and with this book you can be enjoying all sorts of breads once more. Get a copy today and if you like what you read please be kind enough to leave a review so that others can find their way to this book as well.