Hidden Truths about Retirement and Long Term Care the Financial Advisors' Guide PDF Author: Carolyn Rosenblatt
ISBN: 9780692941874
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Pages : 226

Book Description
Have you ever felt uncomfortable discussing long-term care with retirement-aged clients? Do you know what to say about the current options?We have the answers you need. Carolyn Rosenblatt, R.N., Elder Law Attorney and co-author Dr. Mikol Davis, Geriatric Psychologist, are aging experts and thought leaders in how aging affects financial services.This husband-wife team brings extensive experience from nursing, law and psychology to ease your mind about how to address the long-term care issues your clients face. We have consulted and advised hundreds of older people and their families on the many challenging and uncomfortable issues related to aging and the cost of care. We have intimately observed the shock and hardship that follow a lack of good financial planning for the actual cost of long-term care.This book grew out of our distress at seeing the increasing need of financial professionals to do what is right for their clients as they age, but lacking thepractical knowledgeable of future care costs.We wrote this to reveal the hidden costs of longevity every advisor must know to be effective in retirement planning. The subjects we touch on here are not easy. Clients never want to think they will really need long-term care. But you, the professional can add a great deal of value to what you provide them--realistic advice about the future. In truth, we don't always remain independent and we will likely need to pay for help at some point. This book promotes youbeing a smart resource. Now you can guide clients masterfully on their journey through aging.