Home-based Long-term Care PDF Author: WHO Study Group on Home-Based Long-Term Care
Publisher: World Health Organization
ISBN: 9789241208987
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 58

Book Description
Life expectancy is increasing in many parts of the world and more are also being enabled to live with disabling conditions that once might have been fatal. People who are chronically ill, have serious disabilities, have HIV/AIDS, are mentally ill, or victims of accidents and disasters, or elderly - many will need continuing care and support and these numbers will grow. How best to meet these needs is getting more attention. Such care is not to just look after the sick but to enable those with long term illnesses or disabilities to live their lives as fully as possible. Institutionalization is often not the best way of care and the home where the patient lives with family members and friends nearby is often more appropriate. This report examines the options, highlighting the clear benefits of home-based care whilst being aware of the needs of the carers in the home. The report stresses it is time for health systems to take responsibility for providing caregivers in families and communities with the support they both need, and to bring greater benefit to the patient.