Peeragogy Handbook PDF Author: Howard Rheingold
ISBN: 9780977639649
Category : Education
Languages : en
Pages : 323

Book Description
The Peeragogy Handbook isn't a normal book. It is an evolving guide, and it tells a collaboratively written story that you can help write. It is a living document, and we've released a new version every year as we improve the material.We've built the book collaboratively online. At any given moment the latest version is available on You can comment on each page in the onlineedition. And you can talk directly with the contributors and connectwith others who are interested in applying peeragogy in thePeeragogy in Action community on G+.But the print edition lets you do some things that the web doesn't. Get out a pen or pencil and mark it up as you read -underline, or cross things out. Ask questions and think about how things could be said better or how the ideas could be made more effective. And get back to us with your ideas for the next edition.We're not being lazy - this is what we've been doing ourselves for three years!To make it easier to dive into the content, we're kicking things off with a short workbook that contains a concise guide to the who, what, when, where, how and why of peeragogy. We've alsoupdated our pattern catalog, added more case studies, and made numerous small improvements to the text throughout.