Pilot Manual for the P-51 Mustang Pursuit Airplane PDF Author: Army Air Forces
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ISBN: 9781522724865
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Pilot manual for the P-51 Mustang pursuit airplane. History of the P-51 P-51 P-51D; P-51K; Controls; Control Surfaces; Cockpit; The Engine; Supercharger; Carburetor; War Emergency Power; Throttle Quadrant; Propeller; Landing Gear; Brakes; Hydraulic System; Electrical System; Fuel System; Oil System; Coolant System; The Canopy; Cockpit Instruments Vacuum System Instruments; Pitot Static System Instruments; Engine Instruments; Miscellaneous Instruments; Radio Equipment; Radar Equipment; AN/APS-13; Radio Navigation; Homing; Radio Emergency Procedures; Oxygen System. Armament .50 Cal machine guns; 500 pound bombs; 5-in rockets; Gun Camera; Gunsight; K-14; K-14A; Chemical Tanks; Armor; Signaling Equipment; Flare Gun; Recognition Lights. Miscellaneous Equipment Tie-down Kit; Data Case; Map Case; Drop Message Bag; Pilot's Relief Tube. Flying the P-51 External Check; Check Before Starting; Starting Procedure; Stopping the Engine; Taxiing; Pre-takeoff Check; Takeoff; Landing; Common Errors in Landings; Crosswind Landings; Gusty Landings; Wet Landings; Muddy Field Landings; Go-around Procedure. Flight Characteristics Full Fuselage Tank; Reversibility; With Extra Wing Tanks; Low Level Flight; High-altitude Characteristics; High Speed Diving; Dive Recovery Procedure; Compressibility; Uncontrolled Dive; Compressibility Recovery Procedure; Gliding; Stalls; Spins; Acrobatics. Emergency Procedures Forced Landings on Takeoff; Forced Landing Over Doubtful Terrain; Belly Landing Procedure; Forced Landing Over an Airfield; Forced Landing at Night; Engine Overheating; Runaway Propellers; Brake Failure; Hydraulic System Failure; Electrical System Failure; Tire Failure; Fire; Ditching; Bailout Procedure. Instrument Flying Tips of Instrument Flying; Night Flying. Flight Operation Charts Take-off, Climb and Landing Chart; Flight Operation Instruction Charts