SAP API Management PDF Author: Carsten Bönnen
Publisher: SAP PRESS
ISBN: 9781493218608
Category : Computers
Languages : en
Pages : 365

Book Description
Unpack your API toolkit with this guide to SAP API Management. Learn how to use the API Designer to create enterprise APIs and discover how to manage their lifecycle. Walk through key processes that optimize your APIs and keep them running smoothly: traffic management, mediation, security, and monetization. Get expert guidance on building applications, generating integration flows, and running analytics. Master API management from end to end In this book, you'll learn about: a. API Lifecycle Walk through API management from end to end: design, management, consumption, and more. Understand how components such as the Developer Portal and API Gateway support the API lifecycle. b. Key Processes Make the most of your APIs. See how to monitor traffic; perform message transformation, parsing, and validation; handle API security threats; and monetize API products. c. Consumption and Analytics Get your APIs working for you. Learn how to consume APIs in SAP Fiori apps, mobile apps built with SAP Mobile Services, and more. Then, analyze API consumption to gain insight into usage trends and performance. Highlights Include: 1) Architecture 2) End-to-end lifecycle 3) Design and development 4) Traffic management 5) Mediation 6) Security 7) Monetization 8) Consumption 9) Enterprise integration 10) Analytics 11) SAP API Business Hub