Self-Change Hypnosis PDF Author: Richard MacKenzie
Publisher: Trafford on Demand Pub
ISBN: 9781412045322
Category : Self-Help
Languages : en
Pages : 139

Book Description
"This book doesn't tell you the answers, but allows you to discover them for yourself. Reading this book might be one of the most valuable time investments you have ever made!" OYou have the ability to program for success or failure. We live by habits Ñ failure habits or success habits. You have the choice which habits you want to control your life.O Ñ Kevin Trudeau Imagine a car built with no design. The factory came and just slapped together a chassis, then added the wheels, strapped in an engine, realised it didnOt fit and changed the chassis; stuck in a few chairs, changed the wheels because they were the wrong sizeÉ It would be a mess, wouldnOt it? ThatOs why manufacturers design their cars before they build it. How good would it be to DESIGN YOUR LIFE rather than live it by default? IOm Richard MacKenzie, Hypnotherapist and Trainer. Four years ago, I developed a unique form of self-hypnotism, which I called Self-Change Hypnosis. Now, you may not think, Othis sounds interestingO. Yet, in those short four years, IOve written a top-selling book, been on the radio several times, been published in Glamour Magazine, helped thousands of people, run a successful training school, been involved in both the English and German hypnotherapy associations, and moreÉ Now, wouldnOt you like to learn how to do that? Welcome to SELF-CHANGE HYPNOSIS! IOve taught my Self-Change hypnosis to hundreds of clients, and as theyOve found, this procedure is not only thoroughly enjoyable, it is also extremely successful. Grateful at this unexpected success, it has become a passion to bring this to as many people as possible! If youOre anything like me, youOll agree that our world needs something not only highly effective, but also simple. Your chance to gain this gift At last, here is a great book put together for you to learn how to make your own success. No longer do you need to depend on others or on luck. If you are fed up with getting the same lack of success; if you want to start living a life you design; then make the commitment to change your life. Now! tOs time to live by design, not by default. This book will teach you everything I do, ALL my secrets. The exact way to design your life just as I designed mine. And you will be surprised at just how simple it is. And how much fun! Because, while reading, you donOt just learn the theory. You actually do it. Now, imagine experiencing a whole new way to treat yourself, to decide how you want the future to be. What will you get out of this book? I hold back nothing. You learn all the secrets of Self-Change Hypnosis. ¥ Learn how to hypnotise yourself, safely and with confidence ¥ Learn how to design your life to control your destiny ¥ Learn to solve your own problems, so you donOt depend on others ThereOs moreÉ Yes, thereOs more! Not only will you get all those benefitsÉ The Self-Change Hypnosis book has scripts that you can use for common problems, such as phobias and weight loss, confidence and smoking. "By ordering this book today you will be starting your new life from now, knowing that the life that you always dreamt of is just days away! The techniques that you will learn in Richard’s groundbreaking new book will both challenge and inspire you to achieve the truly impossible. One of his favorite quotes comes from a man called Henry Ford. It says “Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right.” He believes that if we change and challenge the things that we believe about ourselves, that we can ultimately change and take control of our own destinies. For instance, commonly people will think things like, "I'll never have enough money", "People don't appreciate me or value what I have to say" and, "No one really likes me". These are all beliefs and with the knowledge and techniques that you can find in Self-Change