Signature Killers PDF Author: Robert Keppel
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446441091
Category : Social Science
Languages : en
Pages : 400

Book Description
____________________ ‘This book will make you think... it will frighten you, and it will shock you... Frankly I could not read it at night.’ – Ann Rule, author of The Stranger Beside Me: The Inside Story of Serial Killer Ted Bundy HOW DO YOU CATCH A SERIAL KILLER? Interpreting the calling cards of the serial murderer, Robert Keppel reveals the answers hidden among the grisly evidence, the common threads that link each devastating act of brutal violence. Explore in unflinching detail the monstrous patterns, sadistic compulsions and depraved motives of the killer, and why they kill again and again. Signature Killers is the ultimate insight into the mind of the serial killer. From The Lonely Hearts Killer who haunted the most desperate of women in 1950s America, to the infamous symbols of evil as Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy and John Gacy, these are the cases – horrifying, graphic and unforgettable – that shed light on the darkest corners of the pathological mind.