White Light Healing Meditation Course PDF Author: Danya Basu
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781985143531
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Languages : en
Pages : 78

Book Description
WHITE LIGHT HEALING MEDITATION COURSE book by Danya Basu teaches a complete purification and energy restoration process that awakens your latent inner divine powers for positive life transformation. If practiced for just ten minutes twice daily, this soothing yet intense meditation has the potential to radically mend negative conditions, turn around adverse situations, cleanse and restore your vital energies. The magnificent process of transformation that ensues with your daily practice of White Light Healing Meditation attracts resources and manifests a far more elevated life experience. This book is the second of Danya Basu's exclusive White Light Series of books available worldwide. The meditation course explained and passed on through this book attunes the reader/practitioner to the highest universal healing vibration, the Source of all energies, the all-powerful Divine White Light. White Light is the highest cosmic vibration that is invisible, omnipresent and accessible to everyone, although we might be unaware of its presence. The simple yet profoundly rewarding practice enables one to heal, protect and harmonize one's physical and mental energies, one's thoughts and real life experiences enabling him/her to materialize abundance regardless of one's background, religion and presence or absence of spiritual inclination. Along with the core course content, this book also includes select passages of spiritual guidance by the author/master teacher that facilitate alignment with the White Light, inner clarity, purification of thought pattern and elevation of consciousness. To get attuned and to heal with White Light Healing Meditation you are advised to procure a copy of this book, read it thoroughly, and begin practicing White Light Healing Meditation right after. Please feel free to email Danya Basu for further guidance and attunement - [email protected] Thereafter, Danya will send a very special attunement prayer in your name that will align you perfectly with the Source of White Light. Your course clarifications will be done by Danya Basu via email or phone.